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The Devil's Tale
By Joe Roxby
Should anyone ask the average American traveling along I-77 between Bluefield and Beckley about their thoughts of the mountain country of southern West Virginia, the first thing they will mention is the Hatfield-McCoy feud. I have often wondered ... More >>

The Early Days of Ohio County Magistrate Court
By Joe Roxby, Ohio County Magistrate

On May 15th, 1776, the Revolutionary Government of Virginia declared independence from the mother country. Among the first orders of business was the creation of new county governments. On January 6th, 1777 a group of landholders ... More >>

"Two Gun" Sid Hatfield
By Joe Roxby

Two groups of men faced each other and all save one were armed. The arena for this confrontation was a rain-soaked and muddy main street bordered by a set of railroad tracks on one side and business buildings on the other. Body language from both ... More >>

Sam Mason: Frontier Hero Turned Outlaw
By Joe Roxby

The story of a hero-gone-bad always makes for entertaining reading. In the wild and bloody days of the Border Wars there was probably no more dramatic or compelling tale of this type than the true-life story of Sam Mason. Like other valiant men ... More >>